Secret for Sheen & Radiance

Illuminating Gold Facial gives radiant and glowing skin from inside and work on all layers of the skin. The gold dust and essential minerals provides the golden sheen to the skin. It gives glowing complexion naturally. It helps in skin renewal, removing dead skin cells and also tightens the skin effectively. Illuminating Gold Facial regenerates healthy new skin cells and rejuvenate skin surface.
It provides natural radiance & keeps it soft, supple & gives illuminating golden sheen to the skin.
Kit Content

  • Golden Cleanser
  • Golden Peeling Dust
  • Golden Aromatic Lotion
  • Golden Massage Cream
  • Golden Elastin Mask
  • Golden Shine Pack

Skin Type : All Skin Types.
Action: Instant Radiance • Polishing Effect • Brightens • Improves Blood Circulation • Enhances Elasticity  •  Accelerates Cell Renewal.
Main Ingredients : Lemon Peel, Turmeric, Soya Proteins, Avocado Oil, Calendula, Ginseng roots, Sandalwood, Ashwagandha, Aloe Vera

Skin Lightening Facial

An prolific process for dull, dark and tanned skin which immediately lightens the skin complexion and gives visible fairer results. The properties of Oatmeal, Yogurt and Honey give fabulous effect and regenerate your skin with extra suppleness and soft texture. It controls the melanin content in the skin and cleans the blackheads and accelerates the blood circulation in the skin.
It gradually makes the skin tone fairer and lightens the dark patches, pigmentation marks & spots if any.
Kit Content

  • Lacto Protein Mulberry Cleanser
  • Lacto Protein Loofah Scrub
  • Lacto Protein Skin Lightening Serum
  • Lacto Protein Blueberry Cream
  • Lacto - Protein Lightening Mask
  • Skin Lightening Capsule

Skin Type : All Skin Types.
Action: Tan Removal . Instant Skin Lightening . Evens Skin Tone . Smoothes the Skin . Brightens . Nourishes the Skin . Restore . Revive . Repairs.
Main Ingredients : Grape seed Extracts, AHA, BHA, Green Tea Extracts, Tea Tree Oil, Mulberry Extract

Detoxifying Facial

Panchtatva facial is inspired by the 5 elements which heavily reflect its synergy on the skin in a perfect balance. The major source used in this facial are the herbal mix of 5 different herbs Manjishtha, Haridra, Ambahaldi, Navra and Jatamansi for deep pore cleansing and purification spearheading the advantages of this facial. This combination gives refreshing results to the skin by way of Detoxification, De-stressing, Toning, Complexion enhancement and protection. It helps in Moisturizing & Detoxifying.
Kit Content

  • Panchtatva Cleanser
  • Panchtatava Potli Mixture
  • Pachtatva Kumkumadi Massage Cream
  • Pachtatva Telum
  • Pachtatva Clay Pack

Skin Type : Normal to dry
Action: Detoxification • Deep Pore Cleansing • Purifictaion • Refreshing • Hydrate • Destress • Nourish • Protect
Main Ingredients : Manjishtha, Haridra Ambahaldi Navra, Jatamansi, Rose Petals Extracts, Jojoba Oil, Oat Extracts.

Nourishing & Rejuvenating Facial

Oxygen is essential for the body metabolism and maintenance of skin tissues and cells. With age, skin loses its ability to retain and utilize oxygen for normal metabolism processes, such as repair and regeneration. When oxygen is lacking at the cellular level, our skin begins to get dull. Oxygen Facial will help that to overcome and nourish the dull skin. It will make the skin fresh, youthful, relaxed and will allow it to breathe.
It allows the skin to take proper oxygen and makes it fresh, youthful & nourished.
Kit Content

  • O2+ Cleansing Gel
  • O2+ Skin Freshner
  • O2+ Skin Food Cream
  • O2+ Oxy Cover Gel
  • O2+ Pack
  • O2+ Revitalizer

Skin Type : All Skin type, Dull Skin, Dehydrated skin, Ageing skin.
Action: Fresh Youthful Relaxed Skin • Glow And Shine • Revitalizes • Balances The Skin • Evens Skin Tone • Repairs The Skin.
Main Ingredients : Kojic Acid, Seaweed Extracts, AHA Extract, Milk Proteins, Wheat germ oil, Bio white, Unipearls, Vitamin A & C, Almond Oil.

Cooling & Purifying Facial

Aqua Pure Facial is based on hydrogen with oxygenated properties, protein serum and Aloe Vera to give deep cooling effect, clean dead skin & to keep the surface, oil free. It is ideal to be used during summers and it is good for acne prone skin types. It makes skin fresh and glowing.
It helps in controlling oil balance and removing acne/pimples and provides cooling & soothing effect.
Kit Content

  • Aqua Pure Cleansing Gel
  • Aqua Pure Purifying Serum
  • Aqua Pure Massage Cream
  • Aqua Pure Skin Protective Mask
  • Aqua Pure Skin Softener
  • Pill Mask

Skin Type : Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin,  Combination Skin,  Acne and Pimple Prone Skin.
Action: Oxygenating Properties . Deep Cooling Effect . Removes Dead Skin . Reduce Oil . Fresh & Glowing Skin
Main Ingredients : Kaolin Light, Lavender Oil, Honey, Aloe Vera, Rosemary Oil, Lemon Oil

Advance Cleansing Regime

Youth forever is designed to maintain proper skin health and rejuvenation. It unclogs skin pores, nourishes the skin, and reduces tan. Experience fast, visible results for a clear complexion, skin lightening and a luminous even skin tone.
Kit Content

  • Yth Forever Micro Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Yth Forever De-Tan Massage Lotion
  • Yth Forever Calming and Healing mask

Skin Type : All Skin Type except Acne Prone Skin
Action: Removes toxins and Impurities, Repairs the skin, Clear, Luminous, Brightened & Lighten skin
Main Ingredients : Chamomile extracts, Apple extracts, Mango Butter, Almond oil,Calendula extract , Green tea extracts