A Mystical Rejuvenation

Body skin is the vital part of your beauty, even when you possess a fresh and soft skin you are marked as the healthy skin holder too. That is why spa body therapies are so necessary. In every way, such treatments reduce imperfections and get you free from any kind of ill health conditions. Nature's Body Spa ensures you a soft body and no doubts a good night sleep. A complete care for body rejuvenating process which helps in body detoxification and makes it smooth & touchable. It helps in relaxing mind and senses with the power of soft skin & soothing mind.
Kit Content

  • Body Spa Wash
  • Body Spa Exfoliator
  • Body Wax Massage Cream
  • Body Spa Pack
  • Body Freshener Oil
  • Body Spa Shine Serum

Skin Type : All Skin Types.
Action: Relaxing . Refreshed . Reduces Stress . Hydrates The Body . Detoxifies
Main Ingredients : Loofah Fibers, Ground Nutmeg, Shea Butter, Vit c and E, Almond Oil